This Curtiss P-40N-5-CU AAF number 42-105744 was originally built by the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company in Buffalo NY in 1942 and was shipped directly to Australia for assembly and then on to battle the Japanese forces in New Guinea in an attempt to stop the Japanese from invading mainland Australia.

After arriving in Australia in mid 1943 it was quickly assembled and tested by USAAF engineers and then flown from Australia to Port Moresby, New Guinea where it was assigned to Lt “Little Pete” Peterson of the the 8th Fighter squadron under the command of the famous 49th Fighter group.

The aircraft was assigned number #63 and had the artwork of “Flo II” painted on the nose cowling by either the pilot or crew chief.

During the time it was based in New Guinea the aircraft and pilot frequently encountered Japanese army and naval aircraft and in the ensuing combat both pilot and plane managed to down at least three Japanese aircraft, evidence of these victories can still be seen on the original side panel of the cockpit fuselage, however only one Japanese kill flag has managed to stay legible after 73 years.

The aircraft was subsequently damaged or abandoned by the US Army Air Forces by the end of the war and was forgotten about until relocated, partially buried on an overgrown airstrip in the mid 1990’s. By this stage the aircraft had been stripped of some parts and broken into large sections, possibly to stop Japanese hold-outs from using any abandoned aircraft and equipment.

With much time and money spent on negotiations, the remains of the aircraft were recovered in the late 1990’s and transported back to Australia where the rebuild of the aircraft commenced around 2000.

The restoration of the aircraft was done with the intention that the aircraft would fly again one day and not simply become another static museum piece, with this in mind during the restoration many of the original parts that were found to be serviceable or repairable to airworthy standards were incorporated into the rebuild, however the aircraft also required many parts to be remanufactured to the original factory standards.

To date much of the hard work has been done and the aircraft in its current form is approximately 70% complete and 50% finished.

Work that has been done so far includes the rebuild/remanufacture of every fuselage frame, remanufacture of new longerons and stringers, many new fittings. forgings, machinings and assemblies such as rudder pedal and cross tube assemblies as well as many original and hard to get parts such as engine mounts, hydraulic parts and cockpit furnishings.

This is a very advanced project with thousands of hours already invested that mainly requires sub assemblies to be assembled in the case of the fuselage.

A full list of parts and assemblies included in the project can be found  here P-40 Project Parts List

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This project is located in Australia and the asking price is US $275,000 which represents amazing value for an aircraft valued upwards of US $2,000,000 when completed.

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